Famous Chinese digital artists

Chinese digital artists FEver since the first step to civilization began, art has always been the greatest stimulator to the thought, communication, and inspiration. The artists imbibes a sense of self-esteem and confidence in the own creation of art. Over the years, art has transformed to a great extent. With the rapid progress in technology, art has entered into the digital line and has become an immense way to express the creativity. Digital art is a creative presentation of artistic work with the use of advanced technology.

Chinese art is known for its rare beauty and charm and has fascinated the world for being elegant and often awe inspiring. The elements of being unique and exceptional are sprinkled all over. We’re sure you will be captivated to know that in the present day, there are a number of famous artists who have been on the rise, enthralling new fans with their digital works. These famous Chinese digital artists have elegant taste, and guess what, they will leave you will beautiful memories to carry with you.

Shadow Chen artist NShadow Chen, holds the esteemed position for her artistic calibre as a digital artist. Her works are filled with a vivid portrayal of the intrinsic perspectives she has laid-out in the world around her. The uniqueness which makes her stand out from the others is her fluid style, made so by the combination of bright colors that set the most captivating sensations all over. The most featured of her artworks are, Fixing the Sky, Monster of the Year, and This Dawn.


Sun Xun XSun Xun, is one of the Chinese artists who has claimed the esteemed place, with his immense works. He has been taking advantage of technology for the sheer expression of his works, which have transformed art to a greater scale. He has started his own animation studio called Pi, to facilitate his works. Notably, he has been holding exhibitions all around the world to present the unique and exceptional quality of his artwork. It is amazing to note, he has widely experimented in his work to bring a rejuvenating presentation on digital art as a whole.

Liu Zheng aka ‘96k’ PLiu Zheng aka ‘96k’- ever since his childhood was enticed by the exotic and traditional arts. All his works are a representation of his fascinations of art with focused energy. Then there is- Nod Young is known for his multicultural artistic and design works with manipulates the clean and strong visuals to give an appealing and artistic sensation. The lists of emerging artists who are soon-to-be famous for their presentation of photography are becoming more like crashing waves on the shores of other countries aim to bring out a huge collection of human emotions. These often include the juxtapositions of whims, terrifying attitudes, fascinations or celestial beauty- all of this and more is found within the frame with mastered skills.

Renowned artists such as Wang Qingsong- who is trained in photography, brings about the surrealism of social conflicts with a striking visual quality. His pictures are engaging indeed.

RongRong and lnri have paved their way into being digital artists in their photographic style which depicts the poignancy and lyricism in their work, abounding in the exploration of relationship men with his surroundings. Other noteworthy digital artists, who have contributed to the digital presentations include Cui Xiuwen, Li Wei, Hong Lei, and Weng Fen.

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Digital artwork, like what most modern artists are doing these days, can move around the world a lot easier through social media outlets, and is substantive of the fact what the aforementioned artists have done in the expression of life and inspirations seen through massive impact on Facebook and related content sharing platforms.