A short history of the China Millennium Monument Digital Art Museum (CmoDA)

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From the wide range of technological advancement in the whole world, it is exceedingly possible to foresee the future face of the world. Several countries nowadays are unintentionally competing as being the most technologically advanced workplaces. If you are fond of watching television, you may be able to distinguish the differences that technology had made. Take China as the greatest example. News has revealed, and is continuously revealing, the advancements that China as a country- is making. Known to have the longest, continuous civilization in the world, China's development seemed undoubtedly impressive. This historical country brought remarkable numbers of significant events which helped on its renewal. Its capabilities are changing in a most rapid way where the audiences who were the witnesses to these changes were convinced with its quick transitions from being the world's best manufacturers to becoming the world's best source of innovations. China truly has the potential to becoming the greatest source of innovation, despite their overshadowing communist image thus far. These innovations vary widely from the simple technological growth up to the most advanced technological transformation. Several recent news stories have provided us with the facts about how progressive China has become, and the media finally have not forgotten to mention the details of this success.

China Millennium Monument GTo dig deeper about the so called success, China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts also shortened to ‘CmoDA’- has recently provided the first comprehensive art center specializing in digital arts which is located in Beijing, China. It indeed showcases the creative and innovative minds of all the people behind this success. It aims to build an interactive, realistic, yet multiracial platform of exhibitions, technological advancement, art appreciation, designs and a room for educational establishment. So why does it need to be interactive? The museum of digital arts is indeed a place of inquiry where various audiences tend to become curious and interested about how an exhibit becomes more welcome through visual entertainment and education. The inquisitive minds of the people allow queries to be attended thus eliminating criticisms that can be taken poorly by those in the communist regime. While many of the exhibits are realistic, they represent everyday scenes of professions and culture that are created to enjoy modern technology in a different way. As it’s presented digitally, the sight becomes so lifelike that it somehow feels like dragging you slowly into the images which is why the experience is so popular.

This art center is designed to encourage people of several races to acknowledge and enjoy exhibits in a technological way. As the world will definitely become the more advanced, it is just typical to appreciate the art of these kinds of digital designs. Moreover, people from the new generation automatically tend to adapt to changing situations like this, as it somehow feels like it’s much easier to agree with the circumstances in an advanced way for those to enjoy. Furthermore, the exhibits also establish a room dedicated to education too! In a sense that people of all ages can learn and benefit various ideas from it. People at this instance are expected to become analytical because of the fact that technology is dominating in the industry, thus they have to learn everything about it in order for them to go with the flow. Also, learning how technology works is important to be able to cope with the fast changing environment. This is obviously one more sign that China is making brave steps toward a democratic free country likewise.

In closing-

The museum of digital arts in China is a representation of the most creative, innovative, and advanced minds of our current generation. With the dynamic shadow casting on a semi-transparent screen, and to the sound of the vibrating rhythms, the crowd is exclusively drawn to an avatar-like world of amusement that perhaps will inspire a new wave of creative thinking to fuel a new nation.