ls digital media really considered art?

digital art QComputers with advanced graphic cards have become more affordable over the years, and the number of drawing software programs have increased over the last few decades likewise. Most companies and studios need artists who are able to create drawings using some common drawing software such as Photoshop or Gimp. How people perceive the work of traditional art and digital media depends on personal taste and preference. However, many people don’t consider digital media as an art. But this issue creates a never ending debate since both concepts do require selective sets of skills. In addition, you may find traditional artists who can’t draw using an electronic stylus and digital painters who can’t draw using the traditional pencil and paper. Today, almost everything is going digital and traditional painters are finding it difficult to compete effectively. Many modern artists only learn the basics of drawing using traditional media but then upgrade to digital media due to the ease of certain software rendering tools.

They also think that a digital painter is someone who is less skilled and works with an easy software to create drawings. However, this is usually far from reality. In order to become a digital artist, you need to know how to hold a stylus and move your hand with a high degree of precision to create good strokes on the touchscreen. A digital artist refers to other digital images for inspiration but a traditional artist often has a collection of sketches and photographs for reference. Both digital and traditional artists have good drawing abilities, creativity and correct hand to eye coordination. They also need to understand all the basics of a good drawing such as lighting, coloring, and composition. Furthermore, in spite of having copy-paste, mover, delete and other features, good digital artists can spend a similar amount of time to draw like a traditional artist. Both digital media and traditional fine art require skill, labor, and dedication to turn one’s imagination into a real picture. The work from the two medium are equally impressive. Therefore, the two should be treated with the same amount of respect.

Then again the debate has merit

Traditional artists require more tools than digital painters. If you are a traditional artist, you need a workshop with all the tools that are required for drawing and painting. You will need different types of pencils, pens, papers of different sizes, inks of different colors, paint, tables, a comfortable chair and more. A digital painter will just need a computer machine or a tablet with a powerful graphics card and a drawing software. However, even if you have all these tools you will struggle to draw something if you don’t have skills! Both traditional and digital media are difficult to use and a computer can only be useful if you are already a good artist. Traditional painted and sculpted art attracts many people and you will find thousands of museums across the globe with ancient drawings and sculptures. On the other hand, some people and organizations have tried to come up with an online museum for digital media but have failed. For example, in 1999, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation tried to commission a digital media museum called Virtual Guggenheim Museum. This virtual museum was intended to show the world that there is no difference between physical and digital art. Unfortunately, many people thought that it was a radical idea and it didn’t even go beyond the design stage. (a crude remark in itself) -which was a big failure for digital media and even today there is no popular virtual museum that has been exclusively designed to display digital art. Then again there are emerging digital environments that are being showcased to show how interactive the media can be which is presented as educational- and some museums are now using to draw big crowds once again.

What’s in a price tag?

The output of physical art fetches high prices in the market than digital art. You will find drawings, painting and sculptures, that are worth millions of dollars -but it is rare to find digital media that costs tens of thousands of dollars. This is because people believe that you require great skills and a high degree of precision to create good paintings and sculptures. However, both digital and traditional media require skilled art-craftsmanship to make the original work. A digital painter can create a drawing more quickly than someone using physical media. Drawing software has handy tools such as copy, undo, paste, resize and others which allow you to manipulate the drawing with ease. Sometimes digital art can match or even exceed traditional art in terms of complexity and quality. For example, you can use software like Photoshop to create complex elements that can be merged to make a spectacular image that looks more like a photograph than an artist can manually paint. Yet still the work is valued under the interest of what it costs to print a museum quality print for what its worth. No wonder so many digital artists starve for their art.

These days- digital artists are getting their fair share of jobs outside the art world and a job in the real world is actually valued highly. Digital design studios are using these creative artist that include digital painters for TV and movie productions and also for the video gaming industry. Speaking of gaming, a lucrative position a digital painter can land is creating characters and images for online video slot games. Since the quality is typically over-the-top and highly energetic- many of the slot game themes rely on visual emotion to stimulate the senses. A perfect example of these games are seen at Playslots.Games and carry dozens of themes that have been employing creative digital painters and artists for years now. You can also play these games for free since this too has become popular in todays’ online society dedicated to the digital realm.

In conclusion, the type of media that you use to create a drawing doesn’t matter. If people can appreciate the quality of your work then you are a great artist no matter what the medium. Both digital and traditional media require skills and the ability to visualize thought and convert them into real drawings. Nowadays people are trying to learn the skills of both digital media and traditional media and use them to create amazing drawings. Both concepts require dedication and labor and they should be appreciated since they both display thoughts in different medias altogether.